Gradia Verified Dice Server


Welcome to the Gradia Verified Dice Server! This program is for rolling dice for role-playing games when the GM and the player are not in the same place - usually over email. Fill in the GM's email address as the recipient, a short description of what this roll is for, your name (or your character's name..), and the dice that you want to roll. When all the fields are submitted (either all at once, or from a partially-filled form - see below), the results are both displayed to the user and emailed to the recipient address, digitally signed with the Dice Server's PGP key to prove they have not been tampered with.

If you submit this form without filling in all the inputs, you will be returned to a version of this page that asks for just the remaining items. You can use the link to that page to send to people. (e.g., a GM might fill in everything but the name field, and email the link to all his players to have them all send him perception tests.)

Dice to roll
The 'Dice to roll' field takes a comma-separated list of dice rolls that you want to make. For example, to roll attack and damage together, you might enter "1d20+8, 1d8+4". The formats accepted are: