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Gradia Wiki

Map.png Welcome to Gradia! Please come in and look around! Here you'll find all kinds of information on the world of Gradia, her people, and their ways of life. This site aims to be both a 'sourcebook' for the Gradia setting, as well as a place for the latest news and happenings in the world of Gradia. Gradia grew out of the story of two neighboring nations, which are now the Empire of Narin and Corin.

The main theme in the world of Gradia is that of Human empowerment. The adjective "outsider" (when referring to extra-planar beings, things, or forces) is often synonymous with the words "wrong" or "evil". This is not to say that Gradia is a xenophobic land; on the contrary, it has a diverse set of cultures that often intermingle. Rather, the thought is one of self-empowerment: it is not great powers from outside Gradia - or even the gods of Gradia - that shape the fate of the world here. It is the race of Men. Demihumans, Goblinoids, and beasts great and small can have influences, but ultimately the fate of the world must be shaped by human hands. That is the way of Gradia.

Some places you might want to look:

Systems Used

Gradia is meant to be system-independent, so that the setting can be used with more than one game system. In practice, Gradia was primarily used with the d20 system (and the Dungeons & Dragons game) during its conception, and most rules given on this site will be for d20. (See d20 Rules for pages containing d20-specific rules.) Most games we play in Gradia these days, however, use the Silhouette system, and Silhouette rules are being added to the site as well. (See Silhouette_Rules for Gradia-specific Silhouette rules.)

EDIT: We're trying out the True20 rules as a compromise between Silhouette flexibility and d20 polish. Check out True20_Rules for more.

How to use this site

This site is a Wiki: a collaborative site, where anyone can contribute and share. Please log in or create an account to edit pages. Before you start, though, this site has a few rules: