Gradia: Thalarion


"As the White Ship sailed silently away from the templed terraces of Zar, we beheld on the distant horizon ahead the spires of a mighty city; and the bearded man said to me, 'This is Thalarion, the City of A Thousand Wonders, wherein reside all those mysteries that man has striven in vain to fathom.'" -- H.P. Lovecraft, "The White Ship"

Thalarion is called "The City of A Thousand Wonders" by many who visit this darkly intriguing place. Built above a terrible swamp on a river delta, Thalarion is rumored to be built on a magical nexus. Whether or not this is true, the visitor to Thalarion will nonetheless think of the city itself as a magical nexus. A tall, spired city, Thalarion is the pinnacle of magic and engineering: it's completely suspended above the unstable swampland.

In the vast expanse of this city can be found Gradia's greatest sages, philosophers, wizards, and all manner of other eccentric thinkers.




The city itself is a sort of magocratic republic; the thirteen most highly-regarded mages are chosen to represent sections of the city (not nessecarily geographic sections) in an open council. Any citizen of Thalarion is allowed to attend such council hearings. Councillors on the Thalaric council do not have to be human - they don't even have to be individuals. Anything that can speak with once voice to the council can be considered for a seat. There has been at least one instance in history where a group of mentally-linked mages occupied one seat on the council.

The council also appoints Archons to be the civil servants of Thalarion, or to be servants of the council itself.

Some of the current Thalaric council members are:


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