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location: Rygalta


The sight of the sun glittering off the golden towers of the Shining City... breathtaking. One could almost believe the wild claims of the people that their ruler is descended from the Sun King himself. This is, of course, ridiculous.

-Archbishop Hershon of Narinth

Beyond the Griffin Peaks lie the Eastern Sands, and in the northernmost reaches of the vast desert is the Kingdom of Rygalta. The desert kingdom is known for being an oasis for travelers, and is home to a strong and culturally rich people.

On the coast of the Xireen Bay lies its capitol, the famed Arad'guul, city of Splendor. The golden towers of Arad'guul gleam in the sun, the symbol of one of the oldest civilizations in known Gradia. At the head of this nation is the Shining King, the nation's most powerful noble and priest. He commands vast numbers of slaves, an army of well-trained templar and possibly the strongest conventional navy in all Gradia, though Rygalta's fleet is currently being put to the test. Fearsome Xaran war-beatles and dragonfly riders control the seas around the Xireen Bay, blockading Rygalta from all westward sea-trade.

The Shining King is the chief figure in the Sun-worship of Rygalta, and his will is considered the will of the Sun. Thelarion scholars believe the current (and many of the past) Shining King to be an ascendant magician.


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