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location: Rookspine Mountains

"The Cradle of Darkness looms over the deep southern seas, brewing smoke and storm clouds that can block out the sun and make day as night. But what one sees in the skies over the Cradle is nothing compared to the darkness that festers beneath it.

"The Rookspine Mountains are a massive, craggy range that stretches from the eastern edge of the Cradle to the eastern Sea of Ryon. While some learned men claim that it is an extension of the mountains that form the Cradle, the dwarves disagree. The dwarves say the roots of the Cradle are hot, roiling wastes, ever changing, ever devising new evil for all who journey there. The Rookspines have deep, solid roots, like the dwarves that live there.

"The Dwarves of the Rookspine Mountains are some of the hardiest folk on the face of Gradia. They live on the doorstep of unspeakable evil, not by choice, but as a duty to their gods and to all those who are free from evil as the harvest of their efforts.

"Split into five great clans, these dwarves have lived in those mountains since time was time, facing invasions, disasters, torment and death, all with a stony countenance. Their great halls are unlike anything seen above the earth, and are without rival beneath it."


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