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location: Othalia

"It is said that beneath the Cradle of Darkness, on the bottom of the world, there is the land of Othalia. Cut off from the rest of the world by seas teeming with hungry serpents and mountains filled with giants and dragons, the Othalians, calling themselves the Mannaz, struggle to survive.

"The villages in Othalia all have their own seperate governments, all a clan structure, with a lord, chief of king that rules that village or town. In times of great emergency, the chiefs can be called together for a summit of sorts, which is presided over by the High King.

"The Mannaz are a strong people, who revere the warrior class. To fall in battle is the greatest honor one can hope to achieve. There is great fear of magic, since magic is believed to be the realms of the dragons. Some say that dragons watch over the Mannaz, but the people themselves do not say either way.

"There are many stories of great heroes of Othalia. Strength, passion, and honor are the mark of an Othalian."

-Rogan Clearwater


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