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location: Nauglimir

"The dwarves tell a tale of long ago, before any kingdom of men still standing, of a lonely vigil in the great Rookspine Mountains, a kingdom of immense strength that was broken by civil war. The refugees of that war, driven out by their brothers, were led by Utharn the Wise. Utharn had had a vision of a great city to the north, in the forgotten lands, Muir Kadak, home of Moradin. To this, Utharn swore to lead his people, and began the long journey through the harsh lands, under the unfamiliar sky.

"Many dwarves grew weary of the journey, and despite Utharn's promises of riches, wanted solely to be under mountain once more. When Utharn and his pilgrims arrived at the Griffon Peaks, they wept for joy, and began exploring the tunnels there, in hopes of finding the City of Invincible Stone.

"No city did they find, but rich veins of gold and silver. Utharn's brother Guthran declared the mountains rich, and said he would build his kingdom here if Utharn did not want it. Utharn granted his brother this, though it saddened him to part from his kin. Many dwarves stayed with Guthran, and Utharn and his followers moved on.

"Travelling west now, they followed the silouettes of tall peaks on the horizon, and eventually came to the southern arms of the Black Mountains, called the Wyrm Fangs by Utharn's dwarves, and once again, there were those who were weary of the long road, and sought surcease in the untouched crystalline caverns they found there.

"Utharn, however, could not be diverted, and travelled on, until at last, he found, as foretold to him, a great city of Kadak, the imperishable stone of Moradin. Here, his people finally rested, and flourished, filling the empty halls with life and work, until they rivaled the great cities of the South.

"This was the birth of the great chain of dwarven cities known as the Nauglimir."

Once known as Muir Doross, the city of gold, the dwarves of Muir Duerga fell victim to greed and avarice, and fought amongst themselves for many years, to the weakening of their power. The Duergar, called Betrayers or Goblin Dwarves, took over the city and enslaved it's people. It is not permitted among Dwarves to speak of Muir Duerga, but in the long dirges and ballads that serve as the record of dwarven history, there are traces of memory that a keen ear can still catch.


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