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location: Jotanheim

Also known as the Land of Giants, the Jotanheim is the Othalian name for the foothills of the Rookspine Mountains. While farther north than Othalia, it is closer to the sky, and covered in snow year round. In some places, one can dig for days, and never find soil or earth, just snow and ice. Massive canyons of ice run like rivers through this land, and it is said that in these canyons, frost giants make their lairs.

These giants are fierce, savage creatures, but do not be fooled, for despite their ferocity, they are cunning, and intelligent. They often carve castles into the ice, and have a somewhat organized society. Woe unto any human who comes into their lands uninvited. Such men are often tortured before they are devoured by the massive brutes.


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