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"The land of Gradia is massive, and no one map can hold its vastness. But there are many stories of lands beyond the civilized world... Barbarian hordes, firey mountains, eternal forests, and oceans of sand. Sit a while, and listen. I shall spin you many tales of the greatest lands under the sky..."

-Rogan Clearwater

Northern Gradia


The northern regions of the great continent are home so some of the most wonderous advancements of human science and magic, as well as home to some of the harshest bloodshed in all of Gradia. The war between the Empire of Narin and the Clan-Nations to the north has been waged longer and taken more lives than anyone can remember. The great city of Thalarion is rumored to be situated on a magical nexus, but is located deep within harsh swamps, and its militia is slowly losing ground to the enviornment that almost seems to have a life of its own...

Middle Gradia


Middle Gradia is marked above all by the Empire of Narin. At some point during its long and rich history, Narin has controlled almost all of the human-controlled lands in the middle regions of the continent. One notable example is the city of Traemon on the western coast - the city has been under Narin control three times.

The lands around the Lorimar Sea are some of the most cosmopolitan areas of human civilization. The wide mountain ranges of Middle Gradia also house the Dwarven cities of the Nauglimir. And to the east, the great forested lands are home to the great Elven city of Eindonallan.

"Between the civilized lands of the North and the frozen leagues of the South are lands plagued by constant war, for here lies the Cradle of Darkness, where the Dark Brood's touch is still felt. The kingdoms of this land are unceasingly under siege by the dark forces of those accursed mountains, and only the bravest, wisest, hardiest folk can thrive here."


Independant Cities

The Battle Lands

Southern Gradia


Frost bitten forests, snowcapped mountains, castles of ice... the land of the southern continent is another world...

The southern continent is south of the Rookspine Mountains, and is, for all intents, cut off from the North. It is a frozen land, cold even in summer. In Winter, it snows for weeks on end, blanketing everything in a sheet of shimmering white.

There is much to see in the south, if one is strong enough to survive there.




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