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location: Galen's Crossing


Galen's Crossing, first settled by the Empire of Narin in 240IA, long marked the far southern boundary of the Empire. Around 305IA, it was the center of an expansionist program for the empire.

TN Village (Population 200)


The town is made up of four wards south of the Dhetëlin river, and the Narin military outpost to the north.

Military Fort

The military ward is protected by strong walls and a large gate, though it is mostly open along the river banks. The South Imperial Road comes in from the north through the gate, and continues through the fort over a large stone bridge across the river.

Notable buildings here:

River Ward

Most of the southern river bank comprises the river ward.

Notable buildings here:

Market Ward

To the south of the River Ward, the largest ward of the town houses both the small bazaar, and most of the shops in town.

Notable buildings:

Eastern Ward

Along the river bank to the east of the river ward is the eastern ward, which predominantly features the town cemetery, overlooked by a hill and the temple.

Notable buildings:

Southern Ward

To the south of the Market Ward, the less pleasant industry of the town is relegated to the southern ward. This area makes up the outskirts of town before the settlement gives way entirely to farms.

Notable buildings:


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