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location: Feiging Isbre

Loosely translated as the Coward's Ice, the Feiging Isbre lies at the bottom of the world, where even the sun fears to tread. In a land that is ever dark, creatures of the night will reign.

In front of warm fires on cold nights, the Mannaz whisper of the Feiging Isbre, home of the dark god Fetahar and his army of undead servants. They speak of shadowy spirits and all-too-real horrors that stalk the endless nights of winter. Homesteads will vanish in that long night, it's families never to be heard from again, lest it be an agonizing wail in the dark.

From this dark kingdom issues a host of terrors that strike in the dark, in the cold. They are the Craven, and they have come back from the Coward's Death to bring fear and hatred to all that live.

And somewhere, in his citadel in the night blackened ice, Fetahar smiles, for he waits for the End of Days, when he will battle the hosts of Vodn, and blanket the world in endless night.


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