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location: Eindonallan


"Some years ago, I began travelling with an elven swordsman of incredible skill and talent. Legendary deeds followed him like a shadow, and his story defies my meager ability to recant.

"During the time I travelled with him, we visited many of the cities of the elves, some quite carefully hidden. Eindonallan, wedged softly between the desolate plains of the Marches and the soaring peaks of the Thunderwall. In the valley of the Ernoilli River, the city of Eindonallan rests, serene and peaceful, or so it at first seems.

"To get to the great city of Eindonallan, my friends, takes skill, courage, and cunning. The forest immediately surrounding it may be protected, but beyond that, in the deeper wood, even elves fear to tread. Wolves here would be the least of your worries. Foul ettercaps, my friends, and fierce owlbears prowl these forests in search of food, and nothing quite matches an owlbears appetite for elven flesh, with humans following closely. If heard rumors of darker predators, more sinister and evil than simple beasts, but it is not my wish to give you nightmares, my friends, but if ever you wish to travel to Eindonallan, I recommend a guide who knows the way. Straying from the path is notoriously fatal.

"The city itself is stunning on every level. The valley itself seems to pulse with a soft glow, a warm joy that permeates the heart and engulfs the mind. The streets have the fragrance of wildflowers, in deed, the city seems to be designed after a flower's bud, districts, like petals, radiating out in waves from the great Spire at the center. I do not think it was intentional, but rather the unconcious influence of the elves harmony with nature.

"While it's demeanor may seem like one of slow passivity, every detail of life dealt the sort of patience only an elf could muster, there is the passion of a bustling city behind the eyes of even the most reclusive of its inhabitants. The market place thrives, with merchants peddling wares from the farthest corners of the world, and goods crafted with the meticulous care and skill of elven hands. Even dwarven goods have been known to find their way to sale in the marketplace, but few merchants would ever reveal their source. Somethings, it seems, must remain a mystery.

"The fair folk there seem to enjoy the company of other races more than their more xenophobic cousins. Downright pleasant, even. I saw humans and halfings walk the streets, as if at home there. I could only attribute this to the refugees from the Massacre at Montur's Hill, an event my intrepid companion gave me a first hand account of, to my amazement. He said the displaced humans, wounded and hungry, and fearing the pursuit of the orcs, were given shelter and aid in the city, an act of kindness that surely speaks well of human and elven relations.

"Do not let their cosmopolitan nature make you think they are without protection from unwanted guests. As my companion educated me, every child, male and female, is taught to fight with a sword from an early age. A great many take up the pursuit of magic, as well, to add to their fighting power. Furthermore, it is my belief that they have the aid of a group of centaurs, who guard the surrounding leagues of forest. If you have ever met a centaur, you know they are not to be trifled with. I suspect that they provide the city with much needed protection from the forest's fouler denizens.

"And the music... My heart weeps to think I may never pass that way again, and hear the sweet melodies of elven ballads waft down from those trees, with the sweet scent of the city in the air. No, before I die, I must return to Eindonallan, and see the magical city in all its beauty once more."

-Rogan Clearwater



Eindonallan was founded as the second city of the great Elven Kingdom that stretched south to the Great Forest of Euthin in the days before Men. As the forests receded and the lands rose in the Age of Light, Eindonallan was separated from the rest of the great Kingdom, and through elven magic the city became more secluded in the forest. Safe from being found by Men, the elves of Eindonallan often took pilgrimages into the lands of Men, exploring what had become of the world. It is for this reason that Eindonallan is thought of by Men as the one true elven city, for the few elves they meet speak so grandiosely about it.


Eindonallan was destroyed in 912IA in the Battle of Eindonallan. Subterranean elves, long ago exiled from their surface counterparts, returned to the surface. They burned large swaths of the forest to block the sun with smoke and then sieged the city. Powerful mages were the main weapons of the battle on both sides, but eventually the city fell. It is rumored that a dragon was present on the side of the subterranean elves, however this fact is debated by historians, as the last dragon is thought to have died hundreds of years before.


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