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location: Corin

Map_Corin.png Corin is a costal kingdom to the north of the Lorimar Sea, reaching north to border the Empire of Narin on the Anandies river.


As the first tribes of men migrated north from the Lorimar Sea to settle in what is now Narin, many smaller groups broke off to remain in the beautiful landscapes of what has become the Kingdom of Corin. Small fiefdoms eventually sprung up from agricultural and fishing settlements, becoming a loose-knit whole that led to a history of very republican Corin sovereignty.

Under Narin Rule

The reign of Arlor II of Narin brought Corin into the Empire of Narin after a bloody campaign from -12 to -7 IA, Corin became the first conquered province of the Empire. Corin's more republican nature led to a rather piecemeal military defense, and both occupying and integrating Corin into the Empire were easy for Arlor.

Because of the lack of resistance, Corin enjoyed a much less harsh occupation than some of the other provinces of the period. Corin's staple agricultural and fishing industries flourished again quickly under imperial rule, though its culture of art and knowledge dwindled sharply.

Raiders and Independence

In the late 300s and early 400s IA, Eergu raiders were becoming more common throughout the Empire, as Eergu populations migrated westward through imperial lands. In 460 IA, Laurence of Dunkirk, the Narin-appointed governor of the province, declared Corin independence after growing unrest at Narin's inability to defend the region.

Led by newly-crowned King Laurence and House Dunkirk, Corin mobilized quickly to not only set up defenses against the encroaching Eergu, but to re-install the basic framework of self-governance. King Laurence enjoyed a wealth of popularity for shaking off Narin rule, which enabled him to easily get the taxes he needed to set up a thriving Kingdom of Corin once more. Industry as well as culture soared in a long period of renaissance.

The Second Narin Reign

The royal heir of House Hadal, Prince Arron (Son of King Vandrail I) was assasinated in low-spring of 909 IA as part of a Narin plot to politically destabilize the kingdom. In 910 IA, Emperor Turest III of Narin launched a full-scale invasion of Corin. For reasons that were never discovered, Corin forces all over the kingdom were slow or unable to mobilize, and Corin fell to Narin in an extremely short time. Narin troops became spread especially thin, however. Due to continued conflict both in the north and in Illyria, Narin was unable to continue its campaign, and withdrew from most imperial holdings, including the newly-occupied Corin.

Having no other successors, William of Dunkirk ascended to the throne when Vandrail died, returning Corin rule to the House of Dunkirk.

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